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Welcome to Your memory!


There are many types of memory&

& The picture in your mind when you think of your first school, the knowledge that London is the capital of England, the ability to ride a bike or knowing the face of the person you love.

So stretch your brain and test all your different types of memory.



  Memories of you   Memory games   Boost your memory  
  If we asked you to share one of your memories, which one would you choose? Find out what other people have said.   How good is your memory? Find out by playing our game.   Do you want to improve your memory? Try these top tips for a memory boost.  


  What's the capital of ...?   Memory chunks   Phone number memory  
  Can you remember capital cites, or would you need a prompt? Try this game to find out.   Test your memory and find out what memory chunking is.   Do you always forget mobile phone numbers? Find out why in this game.  


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