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Welcome to Super senses!


Our sense organs link us with the outside world.

They take in information and send it to the brain. Here it's deciphered and turned into something meaningful.

We communicate through our sense organs - touching, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling.



  The brain of a polar explorer   Optical illusions   Upside down face  
  Find out how the sensory perception of a top explorer changes after months on the ice.   Can you stretch your brain and trick your mind with our brain-bending illusions?   Can you recognise facial expressions on an upside-down face? Click here to try.  


  Pheremones and smells   Body illusions   Senses Vote  
  Explore the world of pheromones and discover which ones might make you irresistible.   Try these astounding experiments to trick your body and brain.   Which sense is most important to you - and to other people? Vote here to find out.  


  Art and the brain        
  Find out about artists who are inspired by science, or scientists who are passionate about art.          


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