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Welcome to Brain changes!


What makes each of us different and how can changes to the structure of your brain alter what you see, feel, think, hear and experience of the world around you?





  Brain damage and perception   Synaesthesia   Phantom Limbs  
  How can brain damage make you think your mother is an impostor, be blind to faces or motion, or unleash your creativity?   Can brain science explain why some people smell sounds, taste words and see numbers as colours?   If you had your arm amputated would you still feel its presence? Would it gesture as you talk and could it cause incredible pain?  


  Brain changes and learning   Stress   Videos and info  
  How can new discoveries in brain science explain dyslexia, dyscalculia and ADHD?   How does your brain and body react to stress, and does long-term stress kill your brain cells?   Find out what the experts say about Schizophrenia, Depression and Manic Depression.  

  Ask the experts   Spinal cord injury   When brain cells die  
  Videos and info on Alzheimer’s disease, Meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke.   Can nerves in the spinal cord regrow after injury? Click here to explore the latest research.   Explore astounding new research into Huntington's disease and Parkinson’s disease.  

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