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Welcome to Test yourself!


Your brain has areas for different skills, and you can develop a range of talents.

You have areas for music and maths, language and physical ability and even an area for imagining things in three dimensions.

Tease your brain and find out what you're good at.



  Body talk   Reading faces   Are you a memory mastermind?  
  What do people secretly mean by their body language?
Try our experiment to find out.
  Can you understand facial expressions?
Test yourself with our game.
  How good is your memory? Try our game to find out.  


  Are you a good eyewitness?   Test your body   Brain Quiz  
  Do you remember everything you see, or would you be an unreliable witness? Test yourself in our game.
  Take part in our real-life experiment and discover your dominant side.   Does your brain grow during your teenage years? Find out in our brain quiz.  


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