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Welcome to New research!


Here’s your chance to contribute to scientific history, by taking part in a real life experiment.


You can also find out about cutting edge brain research in Bristol and around the UK and explore how UK neuroscientists are leading much of the world’s brain research.


Take part in real-life experiments


  News from the University   Their amazing brains   News from the University  
  The latest breakthroughs. Read articles written by Bristol's brain researchers.   Ever fancied being a brain scientist? Or a science communicator? Or an artist enthused by science? Meet some inspirational individuals and hear their stories.   The latest breakthroughs. Read articles written by Bristol's biomedical researchers.  


  Test your body   Take part in our fertility survey   Hospital-based research  
  Take part in our real-life experiment and discover your dominant side.   Help scientists in their quest to discover what the public really thinks about fertility treatments.   Specialist centres in Bristol are known worldwide for developing new techniques - click here to explore the latest ideas.  


  Born good at maths?   Brain research   UK brain research  
  Click here to find out about the worlds largest maths experiment.   Hundreds of neuroscientists in Bristol are exploring the brain. Click here to find out more.   Find out about the UK's cutting edge brain research and UK scientists who lead the world.  


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