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Welcome to Love and sex!


Can science help us understand love, sex and relationships?

What makes people fall in love? What do people think of fertility treatment, and how do contraceptives work?



  The science of love   Your sexual health   Take part in our fertility survey  
  Why do you fall in love, and what’s the science behind love, lust and attraction.   Take part in this mega-survey to discover what young people want and need to know about their sexual health.   Help scientists in their quest to discover what the public really thinks about fertility treatments.


  Contraception - how it works   Fertility vote   Men vs women  
  How do contraceptives prevent pregnancy? Explore over 10 types of contraceptives and find out how reliable they are.   Who should be given free fertility treatment? The results of this vote will help in future policy decisions.   Do men and women think differently? Vote here and see what other people said.  

  BBC report      
  Find out what the BBC has to say about the results of our on-going fertility survey.          


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