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Welcome to Inside your brain!


What's your brain like? Is it soft and squashy, or hard and rubbery? & and is it really made of grey matter?

Find out all about your brain and discover what goes on inside it.



  Brain evolution   A day in the life...   Who are you?  
  How did we evolve such magnificent brains? Click here to find out.   A University of Manchester team have devised a project using disposable cameras to give an insight into what brain scientists get up to on a daily basis.   Take part in our quick vote and find out how you compare to other people.  


  Brain waves   What do you dream of?   Your brain...  
  Is your brain as active when you're asleep as when you're awake? Take a look at these brain waves.   Are your dreams like other people's? Find out by exploring the dreams of previous visitors.   What does your brain look like? Is it soft and squidgy or hard and rubbery?  


  Latest brain research   Art or science?   A question of evolution?  
  The latest breakthroughs. Read articles written by Bristol's brain researchers.   Do you think people are born to be good at particular subjects - like art, science or sport?   What is evolution and should it be taught in science classes?  


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