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The research teams


The experiments were run by six psychology students from The University of the West of England under the supervision of Dr Priscilla Heard. They were organised in collaboration with Dr Penny Fidler from At-Bristol and Sally Duensing, who at the time was Professor of the public understanding of science at Bristol University.


Are you right or left-handed... or both?


Are you right or left-handed team
This experiment was designed and run by Minty Hull (back), Jane Nicholls (left) and Louise Wardle (right). The fourth member of the team, Marilyn Reynolds, is not pictured here.


Measure your emotions


Measure your emotions team
This experiment was designed and run by Sam Lawes (left) and Tim Hutchinson (middle), pictured here with a subject.

Dr Penny Fidler says,


"It’s a fantastic opportunity for our visitors to see how real research into the mind is done, and to meet the people doing that research. For the scientists it’s great because they get to use the huge cross-section of people we get into Explore – people of all different ages from tiny kids to great-grandparents, people from all over the country and abroad, and most importantly, people from all different walks of life."


The research teams can be contacted at:


The Psychology Department
University of the West of England
St Matthias Campus
Oldbury Court Road
BS16 2JP