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Welcome to Brain and body!


After a few minutes of exercise, your heart is pumping, you breathe faster and start to sweat. Why?

Your brain is constantly monitoring and fine tuning what is going on in your body - 24 hours a day, year after year - without you even being aware of it.




  The dancers brain   Speaking without words   Body quiz  
  Can physical training change how your brain works and what you see?   Can you work out how people feel by watching their body language?
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  How many km of blood vessels are in your body, and what is your body made of?
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  Can you solve these puzzles and riddles?   Explore how alcohol affects your brain   Are you right- or left-eyed? Discover how scientists tested out visitors.  


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  Which parts of your body are the most sensitive? Try our experiment to find out.   What are stem cells and how are they related to human cloning?   Help scientists by taking part in this real-life experiment.  

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